Thinking back on childhood memories, I have quite a sweet memory of visiting my Oumie. She was quite the romantic kind, living herself into each and every romantic novel, she managed to get her hands on. One of her favorites was, ‘Gone with the Wind.’ And whoever happened to be visiting her that day, would get a glimpse into the beauty of romance, she was experiencing. Only 10 years old at the time, she managed to captivate me. Nearly 2 decades later, we, Marius and Claire – the husband and wife team, get to experience romance in its ultimate glory – A Couple’s Wedding Day! We love romance, we love telling stories and we love how film evokes a sense of going back in time and reliving those precious moments once again. And so it was … “Once upon a time, a beautiful bride and a handsome groom kissed under a big tree… and the sun smiled down on them. And they lived happily ever after.”