Julie-Anne & Tiaan

Julie-Anne & Tiaan, happen to both be lawyers.

As far as what I know, lawyers have exceptional reasoning skills. The definition of reasoning is ā€“ the action of thinking about something in a logical and sensible way.

Wow, Iā€™d love to be a fly on the wall and watch these two amazing people converse.

Meaningful words quoted by Tiaan, ā€œ I want to give my wife an undertaking, you know us lawyers, are very good at giving undertakings. Julie on a very serious note, I undertake to be your best friend, to be your lover, to be your advocate and your man. I undertake to love you unconditionally and forever.ā€

This promise will forever be ingrained in their hearts.

Thank you Julie-Anne & Tiaan, for allowing us to be part of your beautiful, Jakaranda Stad Troue!